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Case Study: White & Case

White & Case Website Relaunch
Global Portrait Photography 


The Challenge:

White & Case is one of the world's largest law firms, boasting nearly 2,200 attorneys in 39 countries worldwide. For the upcoming re-launch of their website we were tasked with creating a Global Portrait Library for every attorney in the firm. The challenge was threefold: conducting shoots in many locations around the world, putting in place an approval process that transcended time zones and borders, and perhaps most importantly, capturing a consistent look & feel across all the offices so every portrait could hang together as one unified law firm.


The Solution:

In order to maintain maximum efficiency and creative integrity during this complex shoot, Goodrich Visions put in place a series of measures to keep communication fluid and foolproof. We developed and implemented a set of photography guidelines that creative teams, no matter where they were shooting,  would reference to ensure visual consistency. Utilizing centralized production and image management platforms, we were able to collaborate seamlessly with White & Case to manage the approval process—which in this case was particularly important as final approval rested with each individual who was photographed. Our experience and versatility, both in producing the work and communicating best practices, allowed us to stay in control of this ever-changing project, while capitalizing on our flexibility and production prowess. In the end, the launch went off without a hitch, we even over-delivered with time to spare.


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