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Case Study: Home Depot Photo Libraries


Multi-Cultural, Multi-Generational Families, Lifestyle Imagery


The Challenge:

Home Depot and AARP are both highly recognized brands in two very distinct categories; so creating imagery that captured their shared strategic vision was an exciting and important challenge. Not only did the imagery need to convey family members partaking in a wide array of home improvement projects, they needed to be inspirational and genuinely represent both the The Home Depot and AARP demographic. The project presented additional challenges beyond the complex casting and shot list, it also required the coordination and management of all the Home Depot products and machinery at a host of locations throughout the production.


The Solution:
Working closely with the client’s brand leaders and marketing teams, we established a list of activities and scenarios that best represented both brands. We presented numerous location options for client approval, and cast multi-generational and multi-ethnic families. Our efficient and strategic shoot planning and production process allowed us to deliver maximum value on each shoot day. After shooting for only five days, Goodrich Visions delivered a custom collection of over 1200 final-edited, on-brand images. All images were delivered via a web-based asset management system that was accessible to both Home Depot and their advertising agency, furthering the collaborative effort and helping all parties realize additional time and cost-saving efficiencies.



Multi-Cultural, In-Store Architectural, Portraiture and Lifestyle imagery.


The Challenge:

Shopping at a Home Depot is unlike any other shopping experience. We were asked to create a library of imagery that showcased this unique experience, customers engaging with Home Depot employees in a variety of settings throughout the store. The photography needed to communicate genuine interactions between the knowledgeable salespeople and customers, while highlighting new in-store architecture and design for each department. In addition, we were tasked with creating hundreds of authentic employee portraits that captured the heart and soul of the store. Because the production was based in actual Home Depot stores, this project presented many challenges— including preparing each department to be photo-ready during normal business hours.


The Solution:

Working with brand leaders, we clearly defined the project requirements and established a detailed shot list and shoot schedule. By coordinating with the management teams of each regional Home Depot store, and working around the clock in off-peak business hours, we were able to cover all of the architectural shots, employee portraits, and in-store customer experiences in a three day shoot (without disrupting three days of business). Through crucial logistics and creative efficiency, our team maximized the production, delivering on time and on budget, a Custom Photo Library of over 750 final-edited, On-Brand lifestyle images, covering three stores and 18 departments.


Multi-Cultural, Multi-Generational Families, Custom Designed and Built Room Sets


The Challenge:
To capture genuine moments with five families experiencing The Home Depot Installation services in their homes. The imagery needed to communicate all stages of the services, while following corporate photography brand guidelines. The range of activities included: consultation with the Home Depot employees and customers, actual installation, final beauty shots of the completed rooms, and hero imagery showing culturally diverse families enjoying the finished products and services in their newly renovated homes.


The Solution:
Using our network of casting and talent affiliates, we executed a complex casting, reviewing hundreds of real people in just a few days. This casting enabled us to create five unique families and build a dynamic cast of 26 models representing a full range of age and ethnic backgrounds. We then designed and built multiple room sets to client specifications, showcasing twelve of The Home Depot installation services and multiple Home Depot products that our families then brought to life. Over the five days of photography, our team was able to deliver a custom library of over 850 final-edited, On-Brand images.


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