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Case Study: Manpower

The Manpower Shoot

Corporate Advertising


The Challenge:

Manpower Group, MAN(NYSE) one of the top three global staffing firms in the world needed to create custom on-brand imagery of men and women representing individuals from eighteen different nationalities around the world.  This project was divided in to three sections: casting, styling approval and photography. In order to maintain regional sensitivity and authenticity it required that all the people cast and the traditional wardrobe selected by our styling team needed regional approval from each of the local offices.  Once the casting and wardrobe was approved, the subjects would then be photographed according to agreed photography guidelines with variations to represent the Manpower staffing solution.


The Solution:

Always up for an exciting challenge, Goodrich Visions based this massive casting challenge out of the melting pot of the world, New York City.  In order to meet the diversity needs of this projects, a wide net was required to be cast utilizing traditional models, actors, agencies as well as mobilizing street casting to find the perfect faces. Ultimately, over 1,000 people passed through our set to find the 36 final subjects.  As the models were being approved, our styling team built extensive wardrobe racks to represent both approved regional and business attire to support the brief.  In the end, Goodrich Visions delivered a comprehensive on-brand library of imagery which is utilized globally in both print and digital to support the brand.


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